Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Replies - Katy Albert and Helen

It is nice to get feedback from different view points, interesting viewpoint about womens place in the industry and how women are the biggest consumers.

Answers - Steve Owen Love

Here are the replies from my questions proving that hard work and determination are the best qualities to have. After receiving this I sent a Thank You reply and also asked if Steve could have a glance over my Final Major Project ideas (PDF) he replied saying I could send a PDF or pop into the Love office, which I will be doing shortly.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

How do you sell sex without ticking off feminists or conservatives?

Found at (advertising is good for you)

Blackberry Vs Apple

Controversial ad by Blackberry against Apple iphone. Found at

Audi Q5 Flip Book

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Too many Design Graduates - Where do I belong?

As a student we are reminded throughout our degree that there are thousands of graduates a year competing to get that job that you have longed for, as well as graduates there are also existing designers out there having the same portfolio viewing. So how do we get noticed and how do we know as a student if the agency is right for us also?

I am currently torn between the two subjects of graphic design and advertising, after only tackling a few advertising briefs I am still apprehensive about which direction to take my career, also which agencies to approach. My theory is to apply for as many placements as possible, and feed my knowledge. I think this is key to graduates as placements are what could possibly lead to jobs and networking between agencies, it is the easy option to give up and start designing take away leaflets. Craig Oldham a graduate from Falmouth College only graduated in 2006 yet has had placements at: The Partners, Navyblue, Design Bridge and Creative Leap. He is currently employed by The Chase and I have also heard he maybe working with the design agency Music, so if he can achieve and become a successful graduate through hard work then why can’t I? I don’t think anyone can dishearten me and I know I will receive knock backs but it is all part of the process. Craig states ‘You’re swamped in uncertainty. Wondering if this course is better than that, if option a). has a better lifestyle than option b). Does Door Number 1 lead to a great career, Door Number 2 to an alright career and Door Number 3 to certain death? I know how it is. I’ve done it, been there.’

At the moment I currently believe that students even though fresh to the industry need to move around from agencies, and not necessarily take the first job offered and set standards high, taking on as many placements as possible and find the right agency for them. Whilst doing this we can establish the lazy, uninspiring fakers who call themselves ‘designers’ we see who actually has the determination, passion and enthusiasm for the subject. This is where we discover the people who are waiting for the clock to strike five and the people who can’t go home until the problem is solved or there curiosity settled, I believe in the saying that was used for an advert for the Economists, 'Great Minds like a think', hopefully agencies can spot the hard working, truthful graduates from the rest.

After viewing numerous informative lectures by Dan Ingram (Mark Studio), Steve Owen (McCann Erickson now at Love), Tom Shaugnessy (Glorious), Darren Scott and Jane Kaye (Truth) and Anthony Smith (Music) to name a few, the reoccurring issues that they indicate is the motivation to keep contacting agencies and not to settle for just one email but keep getting in contact every couple of weeks, even if its to comment on their work, to show that you are interested. In almost all of the lectures they have commented on the majority of their class finding different jobs and not continuing with Graphic Design. They have also gave comments on working from up to a year unpaid, this may seem as negative feedback however I think it shows the determination for the job that you want, especially if you enjoy the agency that you are working for.

I am aware of the current recession situation however jobs will be still available and I am not going to waste my passion and drive because of this. When I leave university I am striving to know what I want to do, who creates that type of work and feel confident and free to approach them. Whilst I attended a portfolio viewing with Ady Bibby from True North he commented that the recession could be a perfect opportunity for graduates as they are ‘cheaper’ than senior designers, he believed they are more likely to lose others members of the team and employ new young and inexpensive graduates. This makes me then question what happens in ten years time? Will the graduate then replace me? I think the industry is always striving for new talent so staying on top of your game, always learning, staying motivated and never becoming languid will ensure that you will always have a place n design, if your good enough.

A discussion asking students from the London College of Communication ‘Are design graduates motivated by success, passion or money?’ shows interesting viewpoints. Some students commented on their concerns whilst they are at their first placement or job. A student Marina Bowater states ‘I fear that I’ll be unable to practice conceptually, as I have been taught’, worries like being used as an art worker may de-motivate students. An argument discussing that the subject has become refined and we have the tools, techniques and inspiration from the past that we should be moving forward with design and there is really no excuse for bad design. The article covers subjects about the future and concerns it can be found here.

In answering this question I don’t seem to be concerned with the fact of can I get a job when I leave, I am keeping a positive attitude and asking the question where do I want to work when I leave? As well as determination, passion and hard graft hopefully the agencies that I wish to work for will like me, my work and my personality, Sarah Temple the lecturer from LCC said ‘remember you’re a person and not a portfolio’.

Is there any future for design students

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Steve Owen - McCann Erickson - Love

I have been in contact with Steve Owen a former student at Stockport College. I have recently discovered that Steve has moved from McCann Erickson to Love. Steve studied Graphic Design however he never thought he would end up working for such a prestigious advertising agency. I love the work of McCann worldwide, I would also love to see some of the work that Steve has produced for McCann Erickson and I am curious to why he has left to move to Love. I contacted Steve to gain information on his experiences since leaving university and also whether he had any opinions on ideas and the differences between graphic design and advertising. I asked these questions for feedback for my Critical Journal as I wrote the journal about my confusion between graphic design and advertising and what would best suit me when I enter the industry. I feel confident in contacting Steve and he has also seen some of my work from last year. I have contacted Steve with a few general questions as I know he will be extremely busy at Love. He has agreed to answer the questions and I am also going to ask him in a few months time whether there are dramatic differences with the agencies and the work he is producing for them, I am still awaiting his reply to the questions.